My paternal grandparents lived at Sproat Lake when I was a child, our family drove out to visit them every Sunday throughout the year and also spent many summer days there relaxing, swimming, playing and cooking & eating at the outdoor BBQ area.  So many happy and simple memories!  Besides the love, the hugs and the laughter there were so many “things”; the garden, the fruit trees & grapevines, the trails, the wharf, the rowboat, the sauna, the chickens, the clothesline, the root cellar,  the wood cook stove and the wood pile – so unlike the “things” we may think of more today.

Each time I see a wood pile, it is so comforting – kind of like eating home made Mac & cheese.  Even the sound of a chain saw takes me back to those good old days, as does the smell of a fire pile burning in the fall.  How strong our childhood roots are planted…..