Winter has hit us suddenly and hard this weekend, and as I write this the snow is falling heavily again, blowing sideways creating the beginnings of drifts. The temperature is below freezing and expected to get colder tonight and for several days. We have gone from still raking fall leaves a few days ago right into winters freezing grip.

We were at our cabin on Hornby for the weekend, we had two wonderful dinners with many friends, attended a great play and went for a Sunday drive. The snow and crisp, fresh air made everything even more magical – Hornby is always magical – each season there holds a unique quality that is so special, warm & welcoming.

These first two photos are from our drive over to Fords Cove, usually an always busy hub of activity. The cold must have had most people home cozy by their fires because we were almost alone in the beauty. The sun was shining over on the mountains of Vancouver Island and with the layer of snow it was all so stunningly beautiful. On Hornby, in comparison, we had just a dusting.

The drive back up the hill past Olsen’s farm was so pretty…..

Our drive home along the upper highway was amazing, the snow was so much deeper than on Hornby and in some areas the skies were so heavy and dark.

I think that this snow only seems like a big deal because it is the first one of the year and earlier than we often see it appear this low. With this being an El Nina (Lah-Nee-Nyah) year we can expect colder temperatures and more snow than in our El Nino years. Two years ago in early December we had 3 feet of snow that lasted right through to past Christmas, now that was absolutely gorgeous but thought to be a real crazy amount of snow for us west coasters! ¬†Prior to that though the “big snow” was in 1996 – I’m just thinking that this post must seem funny to anyone from other parts of Canada where lots of snow is so normal but for us here on the coast where is doesn’t stay for too long or come too often, it is so exciting and different each year. One year we didn’t even have snow at all if you can believe it!

Our only problem with the snow this week is that we have a foundation that is ready to be poured today and now it will have to wait until Thursday when it is expected to warm up. The snow wouldn’t bother them as much as the freezing temperatures – our fingers are crossed for the weatherman to be right!!