These two couldn’t sound further apart in the decision making process but they should be occurring at about the same time. Appliances need to be considered at a very early stage, at an initial meeting with your cabinetry designer you are likely to be asked about the appliances you are considering to purchase for your kitchen and laundry room. There are so many combinations of appliance packages, it is never too soon to begin. Your ideas on these may change somewhat as you go through the cabinetry design process but you will  have a general idea of what your requirements will be when asked.

When it comes to windows, we find it best to order windows after the  framing is complete, as it gives you a much clearer idea of how the scale and design is impacting each room from an interior perspective as well on the exterior views. Windows can look great on an elevation drawing but not  function as one would hope – sometimes a little framing adjustment can go a long way to improve many aspects of a window opening. At this stage of framing it may be decided to eliminate a window or even add where the need for one was not previously considered. 

When transoms and/or grids are part of the window and door design it is particularly important to see the actual framing up before they are ordered as there are many combinations and sizes.  Windows are such a permanent part of a house, it would be a  shame to hurry this process. Many of us are better able to make a confident decision when we can stand back to look them over from many angles.