This weekend on the west coast was one of those fabulous Indian summer ones that we are always so grateful for. With these last lingering days of warmth and sunshine before winter sets in, time spent outside is so treasured and full of promise.

On Sunday we thought we’d go for a walk along the beach and ended up being gone for a couple of hours, I wish I had packed a picnic because we were having such a nice time we only left because we were hungry. It must have been the fresh salt air and exercise that gave us such a hearty appetite!

The sights, sounds and smells along the ocean’s edge are so alluring,…. I wish I could share more than the sights with you. I must learn how to upload video, at least I could add sound to the sights! Hope you enjoy the walk along the ocean through the pictures!

As always, our pockets and arms were filled with treasures, beach glass, rocks, driftwood & shells.  But best of all – with the memory of an afternoon well spent!