As much as we are not so happy about the weather patterns beginning to change in the Fall, there is so much goodness to this season! Even with our Canadian Thanksgiving behind us, we still have the desire to have our homes & gardens embellished with Fall decoration. My preference has always leaned towards an organic, natural approach to Fall decorating, both inside the house and in the garden.

Not many things speak more of Fall to me than pumpkins and squashes…

 The wagon that the pumpkins and squashes are pile into is exactly like one we have on our patio, even the same colour! I was so surprised when I came across it!

Growing these in your own  garden would be so rewarding, so fun to watch them get larger & larger and change colours!



Used as table decorations ~ what could be simpler.

As I am thinking of pumpkins as a Fall must have ~ at the market, a bit earlier in the season, my hands couldn’t stop filling up bags of apples and pears to use as decoration while I contemplated which recipes we would really enjoy the most this season.


Doesn’t this basket of fresh apples look incredibly good, you can almost sense the sweet crispness you would taste & feel after your first bite!

The sight of the pie amongst the apples makes my mouth water and I’m sure I can smell the cinnamon!



The sweetness of pears can hardly be matched…





Adding to these visually tempting delights in the Fall, I think I would say that my love for fall colours in clothing, wool, blankets and particularly in foliage would be things that bring more satisfying moments to mind.







The colours are so breathtaking in their intensity, so perfect in the last days of their brilliance.



 All of the imagines in this post are not my own, I had such a nice time choosing them from a site called Inspiration Lane ~ a site I stumbled upon today and was truly inspired. Should you wish to be inspired  as I have been….I can highly recommend a visit!