Like I mentioned in my last post, there are so many variables when it comes to paint colours & fabric, mixing the new with what you have can be so challenging. Especially after all these years of accumulating things  – the treasures and favourite accessories that need to be considered while introducing the current loves can make you crazy!

Just trying to figure out which style of fabric for our old wing chair has been a real excercise of discovery because of all of the variables in the guest room.  What are we hanging on to that just doesn’t work anymore, especailly now that the rooms are full? Do we keep all the furniture that has accumulated in this room or do we pair it down and reconfigure. It is not like when we were young and needed so much, now it is the other side of the game, there is so much we really don’t need!

I love decorating and help to provide insight, advice and opinions throughout the construction  process of the custom homes we build – give me a room to plan the space for, or a whole house for that matter, or to help in the choosing of cabinets, flooring, tile, siding, rock, or do electrical layouts – I’m just fine – but fabric’s are a tough one for me. I know what I like when I see it but it’s so tough to begin editing the huge selection! So many beautiful ones to choose from! Even paint colours are not difficult when I am helping someone else but choosing my own is painful – I understand that I am not alone in this predicament but I don’t understand why it is so!

Anyway, the photo below will show you two of the samples I came home with for the chair – it’s a start. The one on the left’s colours work so well with many aspects of our home, I love the embroidered look and it seems to suit a wing back chair but I also love the casualness of the one on the right, the taupe Queen Anne’s Lace has a crewel embroidery look with a slightly reflective quality to the blue background. Each choice brings a different look to the room which in turn opens up all of these other possibilites.

I have to laugh though – life should be so difficult – really…..