What a difference in this house in such a short time, the trusses are almost complete and the roof sheathing has been started. Now it’s shape is starting to show!

It is always so much fun to walk through the rooms at this early stage, after knowing the layout and details so well on paper it is so exciting to see the actual spaces. Yes, even after how many homes we have done it is always fun to see this happen. It is also wonderful to walk through with our clients during their first visits to hear their comments, answer their questions and continue the space planning process with them. With each home we build being a custom design they are all unique and full of possibilities for maximizing their use, whether it be for function or decorative considerations.



I thought I would just include this shot to show the engineered I Joists flooring system used throughout the house that are showing on the under side of the top floor.

The staircase stringers are made up using microlam LVL beams (laminated veneer lumber) to help prevent the shrinkage that can occur with the use of standard lumber. We  find that by using I joists flooring systems and microlams in this manner we greatly reduce any movement in the floors or staircases.

For more information on these two products you can go www.ilevel.com , I’m sure there are many other websites on these but you may find enough information here.