Recently I was at the train station in Qualicum Beach to pick up our granddaughter who was arriving for a few days of summer vacation – a first trip on her own this far up the island on the E&N train and my first time to our train station to pick anyone up. I must say that for a neat little spot that I have driven past so very many times in our years here, I had no idea how transported to another place I would feel when I got close enough to experience it! I think it is one of those “you have to be here” things like they advertise for Beautiful British Columbia on TV, but I hope my pictures impart a sense of it.

First the station and the tracks,


Starting to really see the unique, quaint, old fashioned environment,


Zooming in,


And then, the whistle blew down the line and she was here! The train and our lovely granddaughter!


I hadn’t been expecting to have the visit to the train station be so uplifting before she arrived!

Right across the road from here is our local museum, I will have to go on a tour. Being a tourist in our own town once in awhile is a good thing!