Well, here we are, the first day of December has arrived! No more procrastinating, thinking the holidays are in the far off distance ~ it is time to make our shopping  list, plan a party or two and get into the spirit of the season. It is time to create within ourselves the ability to once again ~ see the beauty ~ the beauty in the decor, the beauty in the meals so lovingly prepared, the beauty in the generosity of sharing & giving and the beauty of the truest meaning of Christmas!

Rather than be filled with dread at the thought of the looming “To Do” list – I hope to settle into this month and only anticipate the goodness, taking one day at a time and savouring every bit of it. At this very moment though I can tell that I am trying to convince myself, talking the brave talk….like chatting with girlfriends ~ a bit of self talk therapy?

To remind myself that it will all get done and that it can be done simply, I chose a few photos from last Christmas….

And ~ I hope that we all find….

and a tree that has the blessings of giving below it without the extravagance of too much….

and that we find time to sit with our friends and families to savour the most special qualities of the season….

 Feeling the wonder as a child does!!

I wish us all good luck completing our lists and finding  joy in the process! Bye for now….