Threads….. the name we chose for our girls get together, where we take turns hosting our once a month evenings. We all look so forward to our time together, sharing stories of our travels, our families, our work (both house & careers), sharing which books we are reading, what recipes were worth trying, which new restaurants are good, and every other topic you can imagine. As we chat ~ we sew, knit, work on embroidery or even do mending – a productive and encouraging environment!

Girl time is really important – I believe that it goes back to the days so long ago when we shared space in the caves, sharing our lives as we waited for our hunters to come home with the fuel that would sustain us. The support that was and is given and received, strengthens our spirits, especially through the long winter. Although summer evenings on one of our patios or decks are just as looked forward to, always so peaceful, warm and relaxing.

Part of the fun is the appies we serve, never trying to out do the other, just wanting to make the tastiest morsels that will delight our friends. We have these with our wine and then switch to a tea, that we all usually umm and ahh over (I particularly remember the time one of the gals served a Chocolate/Hazelnut tea!) – with this there is always a yummy dessert. In our daily lives we don’t tend to have dessert anymore, so this is another treat that adds to our night, adds to the feeling of being so pampered!

It was my turn last night ~ as I was cooking during the day I realized that I hadn’t picked the parsley from the garden for a couple of the things I was making and the snow had been falling for hours. One of those “Oh No” moments – but I went out to the garden just to try because I really needed parsley and didn’t want to drive uptown just for that on a snowy day. This is what I saw…..

I cut some stems off anyway, knowing how hardy parsley can be, left the little pile on the counter, not really expecting partially frozen greenery to be okay, but while I made a cup of tea….

they  plumbed up and looked as fresh as though it was a spring day! So, I was glad that I had tried that, continued on with the preparations and enjoyed the tea.

We had a great night, they all arrived after walking through almost a foot of snow (we all live close by each other which is wonderful because we even get to fit in a walk on our evenings out), shook it all off and got settled in by the fire where we talked and laughed for hours! How lucky we are…..

If you have a regular evening out with the girls, I’d love to hear how you share your time together – time that has you eagerly waiting for the next one!