Earlier in the spring we were building and posting about the outdoor covered area that we were constructing on our property on Hornby Island – built to house a tent, to protect our guests from the elements. The “tent house” has been in use a little bit through July and August ~ and was again this past weekend. I have been meaning to post a photo or two of how it all turned out, so that is what I’m about to show you….. it is not quite to the standard of the new term “glamping” but is slightly beyond camping!

The weekend that I took these pictures we had our daughter, son-in-law and their children coming so we put in two queen size blow-up beds and there was even room for a small cot (that we put at the end of the beds later) and a little table. As you can see, all four sides of the tent have the ability to be screened making it all feel very open but we usually have three sides down for privacy.

We were a bit concerned that our guests this past weekend may have found it chilly because the weather was expected to change somewhat. There was a small amount of rain through the night but they were toasty warm. I had put an electric blanket on top of the flannel sheets and under the other blankets, put it on a few hours before bedtime and they loved it. They said that the combination of the snuggly warmth of the bed, the cool & fresh ocean air and the sound of the waves hitting the beach had them asleep in minutes and made it so they didn’t want to get out of bed in the morning!

We have decided that even though the tent house has worked perfectly, we are going to fill in the walls, add windows & a door and add on a small bathroom. Rick loves working on projects while we are there so this will be the next one. There will be a counter with a sink, a bar fridge and a coffee maker ~ just so they can start their morning at their own speed with a leisurely coffee, tea or juice. We will purchase a proper bed and have a couple of comfortable chairs ~ I’m getting excited about decorating it!