Succulent wreaths have become very popular, I seem to see them everywhere ~ and each time I do, I am absolutely smitten! The one in the photo below was in a sweet little garden / florist shop in Carmel ~ it had me so inspired to get home to make one!

I so wish we could grow the other amazing & enormous succulent too ~ and we probably can as long as we have a heated greenhouse or garden room to store them thorough the winter. Which is something on my “dream” list ~ a garden room or a greenhouse! Even better, a garden room that has a greenhouse extension….. ahhhh, dreaming is fun!

Anyway, I can either just dream about making one of these wreaths or buckle down and actually do it. Our garden has several patches of succulents in a couple of  shapes and many sizes, and I can pick up some others from the garden centre to add interest.

These are photos of the ones in our garden right now, ready to be cleaned up from the winter…

Patience is required when embarking on a project like this, even though it may only take a few hours to put together a couple of wreaths, it will take several months (or longer) for the plants to grow enough roots to take hold and to start to produce off shoots. So, the wreaths can’t be hung right away ~ at least the way I know how to make them doesn’t allow for that.  In the meantime, I will enjoy them laying flat, in a nice sunny hot spot where they can settle in to their new home and grow like the dickens!

It makes me think though ~ before I begin, I should do some research first, to see what helpful hints I can find that may make the wreaths better and fill in faster. If any of you reading this post have any thoughts on this I’d love to hear from you!