You would never know it due to my lack of posts and pictures but we are still at work on the house at Nile Landing, along with other work! There was a break during the holidays where we were all off, taking a much needed rest.  As with many Januarys, we were slow to get moving again but find we are now back in full swing.

I continue to struggle with uploading photos, my assistant that is far more proficient at this than I am will be in tomorrow and I will take another lesson! I couldn’t let another day go by though without saying hello.

The windows and doors have all been installed, the plumbing and electrical rough-ins have all been completed, insulation is installed and the drywall is finished. The painters are just now finishing the undercoat on the walls and our tile setters are beginning to lay the floor tiles in the bathrooms and laundry room. These choices were made during the time I was working with the cabinet company on the final choices and decisions for the kitchen, laundry and bathrooms.

The exterior is all complete now as well, except for the final coat of paint  which will have to wait for warmer and drier weather! We chose the rock on the exterior from K2  Stone whose quarries are here on Vancouver Island. The rock work has really added a new dimension – we are very pleased with it!

Our finishing crew will be starting this week to install the interior doors and all of the interior window & doors trim work. This is always an exciting time when you start to see the finishes that have been so carefully chosen come together – a little bit of breath holding too!!