We are finding that many of the people we are talking with about new homes these days are saying that they are wanting a far smaller home than they have now. Several have suggested that 1500 – 1800 sq. ft. would be plenty big enough, as long as there are 2 bedrooms and a den and an open concept great room. That was the size of home we built most often in the 1980’s and the early 1990’s (except even in that size it included a separate dining & living room), then we started to see homes increasing in size quite substantially.

The custom homes we have been building for the last 18 years have mostly ranged between 2800 and 3900 sq. ft., large as compared to the previous years but also not as roomy as what can be done for sure.

Downsizing is all relative to where / what we have come from I suppose. Often it is a budget that dictates the size of a home of course but my question is; “If the budget is not the reason for this desire of a smaller space, what are the other reasons?” I know that the answer to this is not an easy or straight forward one because there could be so many reasons but I am curious to hear anyone else’s thoughts on this subject.