As soon as the sun begins to shine in earnest, the days begin to lengthen and the air has the fresh scent of the extreme oxygen levels ~ we begin to feel like cleaning the house more thoroughly, the desire to start digging in the garden is revived and setting up our outdoor patio areas for the season is a project tackled with relish! The windows get washed, the concrete gets hosed down, the extra blankets get washed and put away and the thought of not having to turn on the furnace enters our minds.

Over at the cabin, I had hung this quilt out on the badminton net to just freshen it up in the spring breeze ~ the spring like colours adding to the prettiness outside. Such a simple old fashioned thing to do ~ more things in life should be so simple and so satisfying!

I hope you have a satisfying cleaning season ….. I am hoping to! If only the sun will continue to shine ~ warming us up to the thought!