SOLD signs are popping up all over the Oceanside area once again, it is so good to see. To me, it not only shows a measure of how the economy has improved, it shows that people are realizing new dreams. Possibly someone that is newly retired is fulfilling their dreams of moving here, a young family may have finally been able to purchase their own home, or an elderly person has moved on to a retirement home or to be closer to their families.

Changes….sometimes scary, sometimes thrilling,¬†sometimes it takes awhile to be sure that this change was the right one but one of my beliefs has always been that we are so lucky when we get the chance to make them!

We are very pleased to have sold another one of the properties in our Nile Landing subdivision today, to a very nice couple that will be building their next home there. A change for them to be in the Bowser area as opposed to Parksville/Qualicum but feel they are ready for the simpler, slower pace that it affords and still be only 20 minutes from work.