It is understandable that a  scuba diver looks to a slack tide as one of  the best times to plan for their dive in the essentially unstresssed waters, providing them a calmer environment in which to enjoy their pleasurable activity.

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You would think that in the construction industry there could be that “slack tide” between the completion of one project and the beginning of another – ahhh, not so it seems.

Somehow I had thought that we would have at least a couple of weeks “off of work” this July, as one of  beautiful custom homes we were building came to a close in June and another wasn’t scheduled to begin until mid July. Usually there are several projects going at once and you can’t even anticipate such a “slack tide” but at this moment in time we only had one finishing and one beginning.

We did manage to slip in one week away – a gorgeous drive through B.C.’s Rocky Mountains – to visit friends in Calgary during the Calgary Stampede! It was a fun little getaway that has left us wanting to see more of our amazing province – with so many beautiful changes in topography, with so much history & culture and with an incredible variety of spots to unwind – more road trips are being planned for the coming years!

Anyway, back to “slack tides” – I did read that there is also what is known as “slack water”, this being the period of equilibrium between two opposing streams when the water is anything but slack, but highly stressed – usually occurring at river mouths or in straits open at both ends where their entrances have markedly different physical characteristics. Now that sounds more like what we have been going through!

With one home having just reached this level of completed details –

but with organizing and working through the exterior hardscaping stages –

and all that it takes to have another custom home organized to begin, to even get to this very early stage –

has kept us as busy as ever!

“Slack water” is certainly a better description of the “slack tide” we thought we would be experiencing this July!! It’s all good of course – we are always pleased to have our company be so busy – just a little more down time was thought to be in order and now here we are already into August, where does the time go?

I will do a post soon showing you more of the completed “Salish Sea House” and another one on the house we have just begun – the concrete was poured in the footings this afternoon so there will be photos to show shortly.

Hope your summer is going well – and not slipping by too quickly!