While taking our drive around a snowy, brown & green Hornby Island a couple of weeks ago, we were so pleased to come upon a huge shot of colour. It was along the side of the road at the top of a hill, on a stretch of road where you wouldn’t expect to see such a gorgeous piece of colourful art!

These old used gas tanks are place strategically around the island, they are aired out to release the fumes and then filled with water to be available for the needs of the fire department. There is an ongoing plan for the placement of others as they become available. They are all initially painted the same green background colour – and now a few of them sport paintings done by local artists.

This water tank has been painted by Graham Herbert, a well known local artist. This style of painting is one of his that I just adore, his use of colour is so uplifting to the spirit. My eyes ¬†smile each time I see these paintings, this one particularly – the boats, the water, the sweet little cabin set in such an idyllic and quiet looking spot. His generosity has given us all the opportunity when on Hornby to enjoy this work of art and be happy, because you just can’t help it, standing in front of this massive shot of colour.