This incredible house with such distinct modern design elements is progressing along nicely – the windows and sliding doors have arrived and have been installed, the fascia boards are all in place, the cedar post & beam work is complete and the electrical, plumbing and heating rough-ins are also well underway.

The many decisions and choices that have been painstakingly gone over to reach this point and the ones that are now needed to allow for the project to continue are very time consuming but are so necessary. This stage is not a time to rush and regret later that something was not considered or a wrong choice of product was made.

For now, with the exterior only clad in the black paper which lies beneath the rainscreen that will be applied prior to the exterior finishes, you will have to just imagine what it will look like when complete with stucco, stone and cedar.

All of the cedar posts that surround the building have been temporarily clad with plywood to protect them from possible damage – the cladding makes them look massive and out of proportion but it’s better to be safe than sorry!

The covered patio is one of the most sought after design elements on a house nowadays, a place to have outdoor furniture protected from the elements and a place to be out of the rain or shaded from the sun. There are three access points onto this patio from the great room/dining room, so the flow while entertaining should never be compromised.

Moving into the inside of the house, we start at the front entry…..

This last photo was taken from the bonus room above the garage, the doorway leads onto a small deck – the view is stunning and while this shot doesn’t show how far reaching the view is, I can tell you that the sunsets from there will be amazing!