With all of the festivities behind us and the New Year so fresh (and sunny!) we are feeling ready to roll with new ideas and renewed enthusiasm! We are not good at committing to actual New Years resolutions, just like I can never go on a “diet”, but planning and getting excited about new ideas or ways of doing things is pretty much the same thing I think, without the fear of failure that hovers above a “resolution”.

The majesty of these mountains on the coast of mainland BC that greeted our view New Years Day was both humbling and awe inspiring – it had me so captivated that I got out the tripod and new camera, put on warm clothes and headed out onto the deck to capture them before any clouds could change the beautiful sight. I have cropped the photo to remove the heavy clouds that were holding court above but they are what have the ocean looking so forebodingly dark.

Actually, I should show you what I mean……

The contrast was quite extraordinary! Lets all hope for an extraordinary 2011, with clouds that only hover briefly and then move on, leaving lots and lots of sunshine! Sunshine during our northern winters keeps us motivated, energized, and inspired – so we are off to a great start!