The most recent home that our framing crew has been working on for us is ready for the roofing to begin. As the photos will show there are several separate areas of roof, a very interesting and unique design. The roofing material will be a black rubber torch on membrane that will consist of four layers, with the first two being installed starting this week and then once the rough-ins are complete they will continue with the placement of the second two layers.

We have been grateful for the lack of snow and ice this winter, this homes construction was only delayed for 2 days due to the weather. Not to say its been easy for the guys, with the cold winds blowing off of the ocean and many rainy days, but they have endured and once again have done a superb job of framing a complicated home. Next, they will be working on some of the smaller roofs, completing the back framing and will build some of the smaller interior walls that have been left out until they got to this point for the roofers. The plywood on many of the openings will not be cut out completely until we have the exact window and door measurements confirmed.

The fascia and barge boards that are applied next will be stained with their first coat of colour before being put in place, these will start to give the outline more definition and look of strength.