The exterior walls have begun to be erected on this custom home that sits perched at the edge of the sea. A sea that has recently been officially recognized in Canada and the United States with a new name – “The Salish Sea” –   this sea encompasses the area from Desolation Sound to the north, the entire Georgia Strait, the waters around and between the San Juan Islands in the US and the Gulf Islands in Canada, the Puget Sound to the south and as far west as Cape Flattery near Neah Bay  and across the Strait of Juan de Fuca to Port Renfrew.

In honour and recognition of this sea named for the Coast Salish indigenous peoples, the homeowners have chosen to call their home the “Salish Sea”.

In time, when the walls are complete and ready to be adorned, can’t you just imagine the honour and recognition going a step further by gracing some of these walls with Northwest Coast First Nations Art?  When you see the photos below, it will seem early to be considering the eventuality of art work but it is even necessary to discuss this aspect from the drawing board stage, not necessarily specific artwork, but the availability of appropriate walls. Open floor plans, particularly ones that have beautiful views, restrict the number of walls available for paintings so these spaces need to be considered and incorporated wherever possible.

The snow that has fallen recently should all be melted in the next couple of days, warmer than normal temperatures for January are expected to stay for awhile, so the framing will continue on with the completion of the walls and the beginning of the truss system. The shape will really start to show over the next couple of weeks!