Not an exciting sounding title I know but it seems to be the main topic of discussion in these parts at the moment. It just doesn’t seem to want to let up for long these past few days, it has rained non stop for 24 hours now. At one point this afternoon I thought we may be at the start of a break but before I could turn around it was at it again!

The branches on the trees are laden with water, the flowers are sagging and I don’t feel like doing much more than going for a nap before dinner. Probably the best thing to do would be to put on a waterproof coat and boots, go for a walk and come back feeling refreshed and exhilarated. Ummm…….maybe I will……or maybe I won’t.  What to do??

Anyway, I did zip out for a couple of uplifting photos to share – the fragrance of the lilacs was just wonderful – a little cheer for a gloomy day!


The hosta leaves are bringing some much needed light to the garden and the rain drops look so pretty. They are flourishing with all of this moisture!