An annual ritual for graduating classes in Qualicum Beach is a Polar Bear swim, held every January once classes resume after the holidays. The class this year was very lucky in that it was a gorgeous sunny day with almost no wind – not that those factors lessened the extreme chill of the water though!

We hadn’t attended this annual event since our daughter’s grad swim but went this year because our grand daughter is graduating – which seems completely unbelievable as it seems as though she was only in elementary school such a short time ago!

Here they are all lined up for a class photo, just before taking the plunge!

Ready, Set….GO!!! ¬†with lots of shrieks and hollering from students and bystanders alike!

It didn’t take but less than a minute for over half the group to turn on their heels!

But as you can see, the majority of the boys kept on going, heading out to where a teacher in full wet gear was providing a set boundary.

Having never been brave enough to attempt a polar bear swim I can only imagine the deep chill that permeated their bodies! It must have been incredibly invigorating….brrrr, I get chilled just remembering watching them!!!

In the next picture of our daughter and granddaughter, you can almost see the goosebumps…

Three generations….all very happy and handling the cold dressed so differently ~ one in a wet bathing suit & towel, one in just a light hoodie and another with three layers topped off with a big scarf! Oh, to have such good circulation again!

I thought it would be fun to share this youthful event on the blog today ~ Qualicum Beach is mostly known as a retirement community but we are also a community with many, many young people ~ who continually enrich us with their spirit and energy!