The new custom home that we are building on Meadow Drive is coming along nicely. With the framing complete except for the interior back framing and with the Rhino Roofing underlayment installed, the roofers are ready to start the laminate shingles installation tomorrow. It is always fun to see new homes take shape ~ even when you know the plans well it is still exciting to watch as they change and grow.

From where the last post on this house left off, with the trusses having just arrived, the front view of the house has changed from this,

to this next shot that was taken last week,

and the back view has changed from this,

to this stage as of late last week,

The windows have all been ordered ~ for us it is the first house we have done where the exterior of the frames will be black and the interiors beige ~ so we are looking forward to their arrival! Windows change the look of the house so much, being the first thing that really starts to set the tone for the style that will continue to develop.

At this stage of construction photos of the interior don’t generally show very much because of the volume of framing materials and the ability to see through from room to room, leaving the viewer confused as to what they are actually seeing. Two shots that did show the shapes of the rooms though were the ensuite / walk in closets and the bonus room.

The ensuite and walk in closets in this home are going to be so gorgeous ~ a dream layout that is sure to be incredibly lovely when it is complete! With vaulted ceilings, his & her closets, a walk in shower, soaker tub, heated tile floors and a unique vanity configuration, it is sure to be a winner. At framing stage though it is so hard to see that!

The bonus room above the garage and the third bedroom & bathroom add even more room to this spacious house, this shot is looking from the road side of the bonus room back towards the golf course. The photo makes the ceiling look low in comparison to its width but is a full 8 feet high and doesn’t feel low when you are walking up there.

There is a slight view of the ocean from the bonus room where glimpses of the cruise ships will be a treat to catch sight of, May through October….

and for guests staying upstairs, it will be entertaining to watch the golfers as they make their way down the 8th fairway of the Eaglecrest Golf course as they swing towards the green….

Another project that is happening at the moment on this site is the building of a concrete block retaining wall on the south side of the property. It has been somewhat of a challenge, as the homeowners on the upper lot already had a fence constructed on the property line ~ you will see in the photos what situation this has created ~ if the soil was not retained in some fashion the fence’s stability could quite possibly have been at risk before the wall could be built.

A solution our company came up with was to have one side of the framing for the footings extend to the height of the grade ~ the concrete blocks can be mounted very close to the plywood, just leaving a very small gap which will be filled with concrete and topped with pea gravel. The plywood will need to stay in the ground of course, disappearing in time ~ with just a little topping up of the pea gravel possibly being required at that point.

The concrete blocks are all on site, stored in the covered patio area, wrapped in plastic and covered with tarps while waiting for the weather to clear up. With this type of coloured concrete split face blocks and the coloured mortar that is required, it is essential to have dry weather so that the colour in the mortar does not bleed into the blocks.

The weather this week is pretty wet and windy, but as you can see from the photos, we do have sunny days in November ~ so we are hoping for another break in the weather soon!