Point Mercer is a 20 lot subdivision that we, along with another couple, created in the early 1990’s. It was a gorgeous 12 acre estate that spanned 1000′ along the oceans edge and had another 1000′ that shared the same view but was along the bluff above. The acreage was owned by Alma Mercer Thompson and her husband Gordon from 1942 until she passed away in 1991 – he had tragically died in 1949 but she kept returning to this property they so loved and always remained Mrs. Gordon Thompson – his name was on the gate post, always. We were honoured to have been the final couple to caretake this treasure for such a lovely woman, she gave us so much by trusting that we would care for her special “Long Acres” and we returned the favour by tending its gardens and sweet little cottages as though they were our own.

It was heartbreaking for us to change this amazing property Рif we could possibly have kept it intact we would have been extremely pleased to have done so but that could only be an unaffordable dream!  Instead, we kept the properties large, kept as many trees as we could and helped in designing and building many of the homes Рhoping that this would create a harmonious, comfortable and timeless environment, one that Alma would have been proud of.

Rick & I went for a little walk down the hill yesterday, it was a gorgeous sunny & cold day with a just a light dusting of snow, we get out for walks here so rarely that it all felt so new to us once again ~ with camera along we took some road and beachside photos of a few of the houses we have designed and built since the early days of Point Mercer.

I will upload four in this post and add more another time and will start with the oldest to the most current of these four. The first one of each home will be of it’s road side view and then it’s beach side view second. They were all such a pleasure to build and are still a pleasure and a source of pride for us to see today.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing a few of these beach houses, they are even more inviting in the spring and summer when the leaves are out and the flowers are all blooming, maybe I should show them again with seasonal photos!

PS……..The last photo with the tall sea wall looks rather ominous but as the beach grasses regrow and the rocks settle into the sand somewhat the look does soften. Sea walls are so often a necessary way to protect a property from erosion.