The events I chose to attend this past weekend filled me with energy and enthusiasm. That the sun was shining, trees, shrubs & bulbs were blooming everywhere and the extra oxygen in the air were contributing factors didn’t go unnoticed but the excitement I felt as I walked over to the first one Saturday morning was awesome! I wanted to jog to get there faster but controlled myself ~ a middle aged woman in jeans rather than running gear, who doesn’t normally jog, carrying a cardboard box…. would look kinda silly….

The Eaglecrest Garden Club ( Oceanside’s largest garden club)was holding their annual plant sale in a members garden ~ their plant sale has continually grown over the years and has become a much anticipated event. Within 15 minutes my box was full, my mind was swimming with new ideas and I was so pleased to see & chat with some ladies that I had known when I was a member of the garden club. I have just recently been thinking about rejoining as a matter a fact! I had originally joined the first night it began and it became a big part of my life for many years. As it often does, life became too full & busy (with work, new grandchildren and an ailing parent) so it was one thing that I decided to drop from my schedule. The third Wednesday of May though, I am quite sure I know where I will be!

Next up (after a coffee on our patio, in the sun!) was a drive to Parksville, where MARS (Mount Arrowsmith Rhododendron Society) were holding their plant sale and truss show. Their annual event has grown to such an extent that they now fill a good part of the Parksville Curling Clubs’s floor. I had my camera with me at this, so have a few photos to show you. The truss show was a sight to behold ~ with every size and colour of truss imaginable gently placed in identical vessels ~ there were even a few rare fragrant varieties! The judging was complete and the gorgeous ribbons were on display.

There were also tables and tables of rhodos, azaleas, ferns and speciality perennials ~ all for sale! The purchasers were all very intent on learning how and where these special plants could be incorporated into their gardens, adding to their collections.

I came away with 2 alpine ferns, a dainty little azalea and a stunning native Trillium that was one of many that had been grown from seed by a very knowledgeable and patient gardener. I believe that he told me this one is 8 years old!

This shot was taken  as the Trillium sat on the front floor of the car ~ the light shining on it was so pretty! Trillium’s are significant to me for two reasons, I have seen them growing in our forest here on the island all of my life (they are protected though and you are prohibited from collecting or picking them) and Trillium Lodge is where my mother spent many years of her life being cared for by the incredible people there(both staff & volunteers alike), many of whom became very dear to her.

My final stop was at the Milner Gardens & Woodland Plant Sale ~ that could actually be a blog post all on it’s own, and I think that it is exactly what I will do ~ just let me say that it was an absolutely perfect ending to my Saturday morning, a morning that left me feeling inspired, happy and ready to start digging with lots of energy! Oh, and … as I drove away from Milner Gardens ~ I was feeling that, even after living here for over 30 years, I am so happy to be living in a community that offers so much, through each of the seasons!