The modern style house that we have been working on for quite some time is now beginning to have the products installed that will shape and determine it’s final look. The first one being installed is the oversized floor tiles that are being extensively used throughout most of the main floor of the house.

We loved this tile from the moment the homeowner presented it to us, it was so large and so simple ~ it was quite a leap from the original thoughts of using wood flooring but we all agreed that it would be practical and appropriate for the house. With the in-floor hot water heating, the tile will be toasty warm underfoot and will be an added help in keeping the warm comfort level even!  The tile is a through body unpolished porcelain and it’s name is Quadj Bianco and is  24″ x 48″ ~  the tile sounds so big doesn’t it? Once you see the photos though, I think you will agree that it is the perfect size for the scale of the house.

The brown paper has been laid to provide a walking strip to protect the tile but takes away from how great the tile looks, it is necessary for the time being though. Once the tile is finished being laid and has been grouted, we will be completely covering the floors with this thick brown paper and thin plywood to be sure it remains perfect.

From the entry to the ocean side of the house…

Looking back towards the entry….

Next will be a close up of the tile because these photos are not really showing how lovely it is…

The walls and ceilings have all been primed and given their first coat of paint ~ the colour is so soft, with just enough of a hint of colour to give it body. The paint that was chosen is Pratt & Lambert and the colour is “Phantom” – it will be the main colour used throughout the house, with just a couple of small areas being different from this, so the rooms will flow beautifully from one to the other.

The next two projects that will be getting underway very shortly are the stone tiles will begin to be applied to the fireplace and the cabinetry will be arriving onsite! The homeowners have been working with a company in Vancouver to create a compliment of cabinetry that is sure to be absolutely stunning, it is so exciting to have them arriving soon to begin their installation!    I will keep the camera close at hand!