While we were walking about in the rain out in Tofino a couple of weeks ago, we spotted this great outdoor fireplace. Not only was the fireplace wonderfully clad in river rock, it was built in an area obviously meant to accommodate a gathering of people. A locally built picnic table and benches made from driftwood and a large plank sits across from the fireplace with room for many people to join together in keeping warm and discuss current events, daily musings or maybe reminisce about the past.

Even though there was no fire blazing and not a soul in sight ~ we enjoyed the vision of what must surely be one of the best spots in town!

The witch hazel in the fore ground of the first photo was in full bloom and if you look closely at the pots that surround the perimeter of the patio you will see daffodils beginning their journey to another spring blooming period! Hardy plants to be sure ~ they poke up early to give us a reminder to hang in there, spring is not far away!