Although I have already done a blog on the outdoor cooking station at our cabin, when I took the photos we didn’t have fireplace doors at that point. They are now installed and have increased the temperature of the oven as we had hoped.

If you are building a fireplace and or/oven and need doors fabricated you can have a look at .  The young fella who owns this company is just great to work with and has a new computerized set up that has increased his ability to produce quality work.

To try the oven out now that the doors were on, we decided to simmer ribs. So first Rick browned them on the bbq, then we added them to the roaster with a bit of water and some wine (I didn’t have any broth or else I would have used that) and let them simmer for about 3 hours. It was so amazing to be working outside, feeding the fire and have those aromas drifting past – it was all making us really hungry! The liquid had reduced very nicely by the time we added the sauce (lots of garlic, bbq sauce, brown sugar, soy sauce, ketchup and some worcestershire), another hour and we were eating some of the best ribs we had ever eaten! I’m sure the anticipation was part of it but the whole slow cooking process was great – reminiscent of a simpler time.

In the first post I hadn’t shown a photo of the back of the cooking station, so thought I’d include one here.

We chose to use board & batten instead of cedar shakes for the walls, we have always liked the two finishes together. The concrete shows around the bottom more than we would like but the final grade will be coming up so it needs to be that way for now.

For a couple of other pictures of this outdoor cooking area you can have a look at the post “Outdoor fireplace & cooking station” by typing that into the search area at the top of the blog.