On Hornby Island there is a most special place, a place that school children from School Districts’s 71 (Comox Valley) & 69 (Oceanside) take a break from their regular curriculum and go camping with their teachers and some parent chaperones. The Outdoor Education Centre is a part of the Tribune Bay Provincial Park, that along with the two school districts holds a Park Use Permit to use many of the parks incredible facilities and natural attributes. For more information on the Outdoor Education Centre you can go their website – Hornby Island Outdoor Education Center where you can find more interesting information, photos and summer camp programs that are offered.

Two of our grandsons were attending there for three days earlier this month, we were so happy to be on the island at the same time as they were, to be able to go over to watch some of their games and the interaction between the children in a different environment. They were blessed with at least one sunny and warm day – the other two days were not too wet but just enough to dampen the tired little bodies spirits just a wee bit more than they might have been otherwise!

I have these two photos below to show you the incredible location where this centre is so fortunate to be located. It is also open to the public, so should you have the chance to be on Hornby Island I highly recommend a tour.

Tribune Bay with Mount Arrowsmith in the background

Tribune Bay / children playing a game

The bay was like glass that evening, it was a breathtaking sight that was even made more fabulous by the sounds of the children running and laughing.