November on the west coast is usually when we need to pull out our boots & umbrellas and start using them as we venture outdoors. I find that during the first rains in October we seem to hunker in the house, bemoaning the loss of our Indian Summer but by November the need to get outside in the fresh air takes over. The air is still reasonably warm, especially when the sun comes out for a while and dries the pavement but the rain is sure to appear again before long.

Trying to stay positive and upbeat during the shorter daylight hours in the rainy season here does take some effort but each year we get through it by keeping busy with our work or volunteering, spending more time with friends & family, starting back into a favourite hobby or excercise class and by spending more time preparing comfort foods. (OR many go on a holiday to warmer, sunnier climes!)

I have a small collection of photos to share with you that put a bit of a positive slant on the rain. There is beauty in everything really, if we look ~ and it can also be said of inspiration and humour.

Or walked barefoot in the rain! I did try that once, barefoot in the rain, I always had wanted to and finally one night, while walking with some girlfriends during a summer downpour, that is exactly what I did ~ it was just exhilarating once I got over how silly I felt! Why do we so rarely show our childlike joy in such simple pleasures!?

Having lived on the west coast all of our lives, we grew up wearing our “puddle jumpers”, with those on, along with our gumboots, we played for hours in the puddles! While this little one is only in her jeans, I’m sure it wouldn’t enter her mind to not really go for it and keep jumping!

On the darkest and wettest of these November days, we can be found….

sheltering ourselves in our homes and sometimes looking a little forlorn like this frog.

But, along with the other varied ways to get through the rainy November days and the winter ones close on it’s heels, we are so lucky to have the technologies of today, as we can also spend our extra time being inspired and entertained on our computers ~ connecting with others around the globe ~ possibly seeing & hearing about a summer that has just begun, reminding us that ours too will return.

At the end of a rainy November day, after a good walk in the rain, a dinner of comforting food and an evening spent with some form of entertainment ~ for me, the sentiment below is so true!

A comforting sound when you are cozy and warm with nothing to do but fall asleep!

All of these photos were found on Pinterest – a site that is filled with inspiring, fun, encouraging and helpful photos that often link you to more information on that particular subject.