There is exciting news out at Nile Landing! First of all,….

The spec house that we built has SOLD this month to a very nice couple that are so happy to be near the beach, have access to so many walking trails and to live in such a beautifully forested spot. Oh, and might I say that they love the house too! The sale and subsequent possession took place very quickly, they moved in two days ago – a very busy time for them with Christmas right on their heels!

I went to the house the other day to take out our bits and pieces and to be sure everything was in good order, so I took some photos with our new camera (an early Christmas present!) – I felt very happy that the house will now have a family making their life there and very happy to see SOLD on the realtors sign outside.

Secondly,….. The spec house that is being built on Lot 3 is coming along very nicely, the crews were all busy between getting the roof on, applying the siding and starting the internal rough-ins. This home sits on one of the most incredible lots, it backs onto a large section of the park that borders Nile Creek – it is so gorgeous with the abundance of tall fir, maple & cedar trees that shelter the forest floor that is sprinkled with ferns, salal and oregon grape.

Thirdly,…..   In October, the owners of the new house that had been under construction during the summer and fall moved in. They seem to be content in their new location and are loving their new home! It is so nicely completed – I love the colour of the stucco siding, such a nice blue with cream trim.

Lastly,….. We have an accepted offer on Lot 4 and just need to work though a couple of the subjects before it can close. There is also a hold placed on one other lot until after the Christmas holidays, so we’ll see how that one goes in the New Year.

All in all, it’s an encouraging way to close out 2010!