While out working at Nile Landing last week I took some pictures of the new houses, three being complete and one nearing completion, to show how nicely the subdivision is beginning to shape up.

I will start with a lovely new house that was just built this spring and SOLD a couple of weeks ago,

Beside it to the west is a real charmer, complete with rocking chairs on the front porch! A rancher with the ever popular bonus room above the garage, this home is as nicely done inside as it is pleasing from the curb! Their back garden is incredibly serene, a bench is even set out amongst the trees & ferns to take it all in – the beauty, the sound of the creek, the birds,…..

Continuing on, this is the newest addition to the neighbourhood and is looking just wonderful. It is being built by a local area builder, who has built many custom and spec homes that stand out for having “a look”, a look that has said someone really cared in how the houses were put together. He & his wife have included many extra touches that will make their time living there outstanding! A “his” and a “hers” walk in closets as one example – now who wouldn’t love that!

Our spec house rounds out the row of new homes, the lawns are filling in nicely and now that fall is arriving we will plant some shrubs to enhance the exterior. We are pleased to have this house as a Nile Landing show home and sales centre, it is also another example of how wonderful and natural the gardens that back on to Nile Creek can be. The positive feedback we have been given on the house has been just great to hear, it’s many attributes have been noticed and well received!

Finally, the next new home will begin later this Fall on Lot 3, this property also backs onto Nile Creek with a very large section of parkland between the property line and the creek. This home will be available to purchase as it is being built for the resale market.  For anyone seeking some extra privacy, this may be just what you are looking for!