Everything is going along very nicely at the Nile Landing subdivision – with one more family moving into their recently completed home, with two more new houses well under way, another one set to begin in the next couple of weeks, the current spec house with an offer pending and increased interest in other lots – we couldn’t be more pleased!

Recently completed and happy new homeowners have moved in!

A new custom home that is well underway.....

Another new custom home in it's final stages of completion!

The lot that sold last month and is ready for it's custom home to begin this month.....

There has also been a nice addition of extra landscaping along the upper end of Creekside Drive, about a dozen or so beds filled with flowering cherry trees, rhododendrons, heathers, pines and ground covers have been installed. The surrounding areas have been reseeded with lawn seed and an irrigation system installed, so it will be looking quite different soon!

New landscaping with lawns ready to sprout any day now!

We will look forward to updating you on the current Nile Landing progress in the coming months! Isn’t this lovely summer weather a bonus after the unusual spring and summer we have had – September warmth, we’ll enjoy every minute of it as long as it is available! Cheers to that!!