Sounds crazy but it is one of my favourite times to be out in the garden, from right after dinner & dishes (sometimes I skip the dishes till later just to get out there sooner!)

PICT0004PICT0001 I took these pictures as soon a I got outside because the light looked so good, it is fun looking at our garden with fresh eyes, with spring eyes and an eye to what may be worth sharing with you. I’m trying to not be too critical, so that I get this practice of  what blogging entails figured out. Lots of room for improvement  & learning!

I look forward to sharing more of what we do here for fun in Qualicum Beach. Sometimes I feel like all we do is work and that there is not  time for other creative pursuits but it isn’t true when it really comes down to it.

Anyway, back to night gardening….. we always install quite a bit of outside lighting on the houses we build, so there are always some spots fairly close to the house where I can stay out for a little while after its is fully dark to putter & plan.

When our children were little I would get them tucked into bed and head outside for some “alone” time to play in the garden and would often laugh at myself weeding in semi darkness – now it feels quite normal. Business is what keeps me from the garden these days as well as a cabin on a nearby island that we go to on weekends fairly regularly, so evenings remain my time!

Gardening here is a favourite pastime for many and there are great garden clubs to join and several good nurseries, I belonged to the Eaglecrest Garden Club for many years and learned so much from the wonderful guests speakers and the members that were so full of plant & garden knowledge. I would recommend joining one to those with a desire to learn which plants grow well here as compared to where they are from. I have learned from our clients who have moved here from Ontario & Alberta how limited they are to plant species and what has to be done to try and keep them over through the winters.