Even though this building is a full year old, it still feels like it is new to Qualicum Beach – we were all so happy to see this building completed and occupied. An awful fire a few years ago destroyed the building that had stood in this spot and then it took quite some time for the space to be planned, receive all of the required approvals and then go through the building process.

I really like this urban “Yaletown” look, and the way in which it compliments the building beside it ~ they are so different from one another but they work. The brick, black windows, doors and awnings create a strong, clean and contemporary aesthetic that is a welcome change from the towns more traditional Olde English meets Whistler design preferences. The building beside it with the green siding is also reasonably new, replaced after the same fire but in a much quicker fashion.

Not only are these buildings new, two of the business’s on the lower level are also newcomers to Qualicum Beach. Naked Naturals Whole Foods began a few years ago in nearby Parksville, filling a void in the local grocery marketplace. ¬†They quickly became a thriving boutique style grocery store for those wishing to live a healthier and environmentally conscious lifestyle. Accessing more variety in products that fit this current lifestyle focus has been very appreciated.

Qualicum Beach has only had one major grocery store for decades, Qualicum Foods – a fabulous, award winning, very community spirited flagship store mind you – but a little competition, variety and an extra grocery shopping location was really necessary for our growing community. To my mind, Naked Naturals Whole Foods has been just what we needed and I love that they are here in our little town!

This photo was taken today, December 7th, and it was truly nice enough to sit outside at the tables and enjoy a cup of fresh coffee or tea. The sun had been shining earlier and I can just imagine sitting here, satisfied and relaxed in the sun – maybe after finishing a yoga class…. which brings me to the other so welcome addition to these buildings and to our town…..

Hot N Cool Yoga Club also began in Parksville, became very successful and expanded, adding a satellite studio in Qualicum Beach. As with the grocery store, there is another great yoga studio in town (and probably others too) but we are large enough of a community to warrant more places to practice. I love going to yoga, although I haven’t been since the spring, I do intend to get started again soon. I so miss the stretching, the warmth, the calm, and the totally relaxed state that I leave class in!

Some of the simple pleasures in life await in this quiet little corner on Fir Street ~ added to the organic shopping & yoga experience, there is also a wine making shop next door and a wonderful Art Gallery, Qualicum Frame Works, is across the street. This is but one of the great shopping spots in Qualicum Beach – many of the streets of the “Village” have unique, one of a kind little shops and restaurants where you are sure to enjoy a pleasant day.