For the second time this summer we are having a lot prepared, to begin the building of a dream for our clients that own this lovely treed property. We are always so pleased when trees can remain on the site, not to be all cleared away to only become fire wood. Many of the trees (second growth fir) that do need to come down are being sent to a small local mill to be made into lumber or beams, we will exchange the mill owner (with additional compensation) for first growth fir that will become the timber framed entry.

As with each custom home we work on, many months of design work and getting through the permit process are behind us and now the next exciting steps can start.

With this time of year being so very dry the site has been extremely dusty, Rick has felt so bad for the neighbourhood. He has actually decided to halt the machine work for three days in hopes that the expected rain will wet the property enough to reduce the volume of dust in the air.

Rather than have a culvert only in place for the driveway the homeowners had decided to culvert in the entire front of the property. We always think this is a wise choice, ditches are usually not very attractive unless an awful lot of time and energy are spent on keeping them cut & trimmed. Hours of additional upkeep that could be spent in many more enjoyable ways!