These photos of man-made natural tunnels from each of the seasons has me feeling very happy ~ I do actually love all of the seasons but always find myself dreading winter’s arrival. ¬†This collection of shots has helped me to remember that with the speed of life nowadays, winter will come & go quickly….. giving way to the seasons that will follow and that I should just look for the wonder & beauty that can be found throughout all of the seasons!

Each of these seasonal photos are all so different and yet all so similar ~ they may vary in colour and type of trees, but the intensity and sheer beauty of each is so individual ~ so much like the homes we build in their unique individuality with similar feelings evoked at their completion.

Because we are now in Fall….

and will be going into Winter….

and will always look forward to Spring…

and for the best of the seasons, Summer…

These four photos were all found on Pinterest ~ I have neglected to keep track of the photographers names as I wasn’t thinking of doing a post with these shots, so I am sorry to not be giving credit where it is due. Their artistic eye and ability for capturing such stunning photos is much appreciated!