I am very much a novice with mountain biking, not really a newbie but still hanging back as a novice. What joy it brings to be challenging yourself to make the next hill and not have to be in granny gears! The feel of rushing down the trails with the wind cooling you off is pure happiness, to say the least!

Hornby Island is so full of great walking and biking trails,with Mount Geoffrey offering an abundance of trails for every level of skill. There are volunteer crews that increase the number of trails and keep them maintained regularly. I rode the Beaulah Creek trail a couple of times recently and was so pleased to find them not only widened but new cedar bridges built in several places. I was chicken to ride over any of the bridges at first, not trusting my abilities, but soon was wondering why I had been walking my bike over them! Survival instinct no doubt!

Anyway the two pictures will show you not only how nice the trails are but a tiny spec of the beauty, which in so many areas is absolutely stunning, and also one is of one of the pretty little bridges.