As I have been choosing photos from the folder of the Denman Island House & Garden Tour, I realized that this post will need to be split into two as well – there were just so many unique and gorgeous things to take photos of, I couldn’t control myself!

This tour took place on Mother’s Day in May, so the foliage is at quite a different stage than it would be now in August. How fleeting spring is…..

Entering through the first garden gate, and winding along her garden paths was mesmerizing – quite astonishing when you know that the lady whose garden this is, is in her early 90’s!! and she still does much of the work herself.

The next home we chose to see was so darling, it is a very old little house that has been lovingly restored – its character fully intact and expanded upon! It had us captivated!

On our way to the next garden there was a driveway that was so amazing, so serene and so beckoning…..except it wasn’t on the tour! I adore driveways like this!

and maple trees like this……

In my last post on Island House & Garden tours there is a photo of a very large rhubarb stalk that had gone to seed, gorgeous in it’s own right but this next shot will show just how great these seed heads can be if caught early on and used in an arrangement.

That is it for now, looking forward to showing you the rest next week!