As I mentioned in the last post, there were so many great photos in my file that I had taken while on the Denman Island House & Garden Tour that I couldn’t put them all into one post ~ so here we go with a further glimpse into this beautiful & creative aspect of island living.

Rather than starting with entering a garden with a delightful gate ~ let’s enter into a home through a bright and cheerful yellow door…..

This home was filled with an eclectric treasure trove of incredible antiques and collections lovingly displayed ~

and the smaller fenced garden and the many paths through the extensive acreage were designed with thoughtful meandering in mind.

Another doorway that I thought was pretty wonderful, one that lead you into the house from a brick paved patio…..

In their kitchen they had one of the most clever ways to tuck away the kitchen waste that is headed to the compost pile, just wipe it off the counter right into a stainless steel bin that is cradled in a drawer that you open when needed.

In another home, we were delighted and intrigued by the original use of a favourite china set ~ applied to the wall…..

The wonders this day just didn’t cease ~ at one of the next homes we were greeted by this ever so proud and strutting turkey ~ he was so bold and sure of himself!

The home and garden that he belongs to was so darling, they have “all their ducks in a row” on this homestead! The garden was so incredibly healthy, had a grand design and had several innovative uses for old castaways. It was so hard to choose only a few pictures…..

Have you ever seen such strong & healthy rhubarb?

Not many of us actually get to see the inside of an old mattress ~ is that not an amazing use for something that would otherwise be in a landfill? The peas would have no end of wires to get their tendrils around!

The last home for today’s post was part art gallery and part home, a living studio~quite literally!

That is all I have to share from that very inspiring day ~ if you ever have a chance to attend a house and garden tour in your area or happen to be on one of the islands during their tours, I highly recommend attending! The happy and satisfied feeling that you go back to your own home with is so worth it ~ !