Merry Christmas to everyone! We send you our warmest wishes for a Christmas that is filled with family and friends, good cheer and special moments!

Christmas trees hold so much of our love and tradition – they carry on their branches ornaments that have been gifts to us either made or carefully chosen, ornaments our children made & ornaments that we made ourselves to fill the tree when funds were meager, others that have spoken to us from the store shelves or crafts tables – take me home with you!

The lights have brightened our home through so many dark wintry days, keeping us cheerful and relaxed through the season   ~   and the star,….. the tree is never complete without the star or an angel ~ so significant and meaningful!

Then there are the presents that sit so beautifully wrapped, gracing the floor beneath all of the beauty above. I know that many of us do our share of complaining about the shopping and commercialism of Christmas ( I have my moments with these thoughts!), but you  know, when I see all of these gifts waiting to be given or have been received waiting for us to open sitting under the tree on Christmas Eve ~  I just feel so blessed.

May the blessings of this magical season find you happy and healthy!