Oh my, one more sleep until Christmas Eve!

How quickly December has slipped by, filled with errands and many lists that have been checked more than twice! I have been so appreciative of the Christmas music that has played in the background everywhere I went, a constant reminder of the blessings that we have to share and have to receive, music that has been uplifting and bubbly as well as music that holds such spiritual meaning ~ music has a way of reaching into the far recesses of our memories doesn’t it? The songs,”Silent Night”, “White Christmas” & “Jingle bells”, amoung so many others, take me back to my childhood from the very first chord I hear, sometimes bringing a tear and other times a big smile….but always a fond recollection.

The holidays are prepared for and so anticipated for such a long time and yet will be over so very quickly  ~ there just isn’t enough time to spend with all of our families and friends ~ to give the hugs, share the meals and sing the songs with. I wish we could have this season to hold in our grasp for just a wee while longer ~ now that we are ready!

Let me show you a glimpse of our preparations, wishing you could be here to share them with us!

Please have a seat and stay a while,

I hope that Santa is good to you and that Rudolph’s nose shines bright so Santa can find your chimney…..

I hope that your  Christmas tree fills your room with a light that brightens your spirit, like ours does for us…..

May you be blessed with gifted, thoughtful people in your life ~ our daughter made these for our company party last week…..are they not the cutest little snowmen?!

It was extremely hard to eat them, along with the other sweet cupcakes she made…

and may you share a meal or two with those you care about most, giving thanks for all we have been bestowed with….

 These are but a few of my wishes for you ~ our friends, our families, our clients, our co-workers and those we are yet to meet that may be reading this blog post this holiday season…. Merry Christmas everyone!