I have just set my desktop photo to this one, while not a terribly stunning shot, it made me feel good, seeing the bright autumn colours and the blue, almost cloudless sky.

On our 21″ iMac screen, it is nice and big so the blue sky really light’s up the room and the desktop icons across the bottom are perfect on the plain pavement.

The street is Meadow Drive, a subdivision called Meadow Wood that we completed with our partners, Bob & Marni, in 2004. It is now almost fully built out with lovely homes, all of the lots had been sold at that time but there were still several that hadn’t been built on. ¬†With the one we are currently working on half way done there will only be three empty properties, it has filled in so quickly. The trees are a “Sunset Maple”, they have really come into their own the last couple of years and have helped in creating a beautiful, intimate feeling street.

Anyway, the reason I chose this one for the desktop screen for awhile is because the sight of this stretch of road with its gentle bend at the far end, made me remember the quote about life not just being about the destination but the journey. It also reminded me of a large path, like any meandering path through a garden, you don’t quite know what lies ahead but your eager curiosity keeps you walking to find out. Life is like that isn’t it?

I would be happy if where I am in my life is the destination because I am content but having said that, the plans we have for the journey that still lies ahead and the things that will come along that we have no idea of, fills me with enthusiasm! How about you? Id love to hear your thoughts!