One of the responsibilities we have as homeowners are all of the ongoing maintenance projects. As long as we stay on top of them it should never feel overwhelming at any given time. With our homes being one of the largest investments we make in our lives, it pays to keep them in good shape to keep their value secure and growing.

We were at our cabin on Hornby Island this past weekend, the maintenance objective this time was to power wash the cedar decks, to clean off the black slippery build up that accumulates over the winter and to remove the fir needles and husks that fill in between the boards. Once there is quite a bit of debris between the boards it starts to create soil that is capable of sprouting little seedlings, retains moisture and does not allow air to circulate around the boards, this will all decrease the longevity of the wood. It is good to practice on something other than the deck for a few minutes to get the hang of how much pressure is okay because the pressure can chew up the wood if you are not careful.


Rick also pressure washed our brick patio pavers at home in Qualicum during the week, they seem to need it every second year. Pavers do not get slippery but they look a little grungy after time, especially on the north side of the house. I did not take any before & after pictures but I can tell you that they are looking like new!

Pavers & decks can both be sealed if you like the glossier, more polished look and it would increase the time between washings I’m sure. We prefer a more natural appearance  so have not sealed either of ours. Cedar has natural oils that seem to want to push off stains and sealers and the sun is especially hard on these products, we always encourage our clients to not stain cedar decks because it makes for a never ending commitment to keep them looking good.