One of the more important rooms in the house and it is one of the least photographed of all! I really love it when I see articles in magazines about laundry rooms, so many ideas that can be incorporated and yet they so seldom are. Just think of all the action that takes place in a laundry room, the sorting, folding, drip drying & ironing (yes, some of us still iron!) and then the storage needs – coat & shoe storage, cleaning supplies storage, brooms & vacuum hose storage, and a sports gear drop off area,…..

I believe that laundry rooms should be given more square footage than most have been allotted over the years and have added features that would make many of us women swoon! How about a long counter that would increase folding space while it doubled as a flower arranging spot or a craft counter with a dropped down area for the sewing machine and a whole closet just for the supplies that go along with arranging flowers, sewing and doing crafts. Add in a bank of cubbies & hooks above a bench that had space under it for drawers for all of the bits & pieces that come and go out the back door. A fold down ironing board on the wall hidden behind a door, placed to be able to look out the window or french door to the garden or at a small TV. Oh and while we are dreaming – maybe a center island that could hold all of the gift wrapping supplies and provide a large surface for the over flow from the other counter too?

We’ll have to work on changing the norm! For now, here are a couple of shots from two nice laundry rooms we have done that at least have the beginnings of an ideal.

Candy Apple Red washer & dryer - that adds some sparkle to the room!

Opposite the washer & dryer, a spot for coats and accessories.

In this laundry room there is a large walk in closet for extra coats, shoes, brooms, etc. In the bottom right of the picture above you can see a vacuum plate on the floor that you can tap on with your toe and just sweep the dirt right into!

The pine cupboard holds a collection of quilts.

A freestanding leather bench for sitting to put on shoes.

Laundry sink cabinet

This laundry room also has a large closet that holds all sorts of households needs, as well as the hot water tank so it makes a nice spot for hanging special clothes to dry.

A little sign we spotted at a garden shop that made us laugh –

it sounds mean but is kind of funny.