Saturday morning arrived and with it a real spring day! The sun was out in full force and there was only a whisper of chill in the air. It would have been a perfect day in the garden but because we were meeting with clients right after lunch I couldn’t really dig in to the work that needs doing in our garden, so I decided to head off to one of our local nurseries. I’m so glad I did, there was so much colour to see, several people I knew to chat with and of course a selection of new plants & bulbs to bring home. Spring excitement was definitely in the air!

Ken-Dor Garden Centre just recently moved the retail portion of their business to it’s farm location on Qualicum Road. This location is in an idyllic rural area of Qualicum Beach, just moments from town and with a dahlia grower right beside it and Mindi’s Farm Market right beside that, it makes for a great flower, fruit and vegetable shopping spot. The new buildings are so spacious, bright and welcoming. Even with the season just beginning, the flower benches were filled with plants, baskets & ¬†bulbs ~ the bare root fruit trees were in their raised beds and the rows of shrubs, trees, soils & pots were all organized and looking fantastic.

The selection of photos I have ready for this blog post is long but I had taken so many that it is hard to whittle the number of good ones down. I hope that you enjoy them…..

The upper portion of the main building

Quite a full parking lot - everyone is eager to get the growing season underway!

A row of rock daphne, lavender, heathers & blueberries

Heathers in full spring bloom

New flower benches with fresh wet paint

English daisies

Pots of pansies

Like pretty maids all in a row!

Primroses in every hue

An anemone

Cool season veggie packs

Locally grown herbs

Field grown trees and shrubs

Bare root fruit trees

Rows of pots

Pallets of soils, peat moss and fertilizers

New stock ready to be uncrated - an interesting use of small stones

Just a taste of what lies ahead for us all through the gardening season! As our days grow longer and are more reliable in their warmth, we can really begin to plant in earnest. As you can see this nursery is ready for us!