K2 stone is being produced from a quarry on the West Coast of Vancouver Island, it is an all natural metamorphic slate only found here and in New Zealand.

At the moment, K2 Stone is a very popular masonry choice here on Vancouver Island as well as across the country, and for good reason. Not only do the colour tones in the stone work with so many different wall, siding & trim colours, the texture of the rock is perfect and with it being quarried locally it makes for an environmentally sound decision.

With K2 Stone veneers also being a cost effective alternative to manufactured artificial stone, we are recommending its use whole heartedly. It will not appeal to everyones taste of course and for those that would prefer other choices we recommend a drive down island to just off  the Malahat where there is a fantastic selection of rock at the Island Stone yard. You can find more information for them @ http://islandstone.ca/

We chose this stone for the exterior rock work at the Nile Landing spec house,

It was used in another way on a house just down the street from this,

It worked very well for wrapping pillars on a home we built several years ago. The samples sitting on the ledge were there to see how the stone would work with the exterior colour scheme that is being considered for a new home.

When I was driving our client back to the ferry that same day, we saw how beautifully BC Ferries have used this stone for a fabulous water feature,

To find out more information on this product please go to http://k2stone.ca/, there you will find many more interesting photos. For more ideas, be sure to also click on their brochure in their Publications section.