So many islands, so little thyme ( I have misspelled this intentionally, it fits my feelings of ease and romanticism when I dream of islands).

I never tire of our approach to an island, any island. There is always such anticipation of what lies ahead; new adventures, new ideas to transport home, new like minded people to meet – the scenery, the sounds, the smells – the creative spirit that is ever present should you be looking for it!

We live on Vancouver Island, have our get away cabin on Hornby Island  and most of our holiday plans both in the past and in our future, centre around islands. Funny how I didn’t realize how much of our life is contentedly spent on islands.

There is something so very idyllic sounding about islands isn’t there?  Why do they beckon so?

It has taken me until this stage of my life to realize that devouring all the photographs, reading the stories and dreaming of places like Nantucket, Prince Edward Island, and the Queen Charlottes to absorb all that they are, has been part of setting the stage for exactly the life I have wanted and indeed do have today!

So, I thought that I could share my stories, adventures, photos and love of islands with you as this blog unfolds – may it help you remain content if you already live on an island or possibly help to keep your dream alive if you planning a move to one!

On Hornby Island looking at Texada Island

On Hornby Island looking at Texada Island